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CEX 9 ELECTRONIC MPS ® compact instantaneous water heater

Compact instantaneous water heaters are some of the most significant appliances among German electric water heater exports. Whereas a three-phase 400  V power supply is standard in Germany, most other countries around the world can only operate single-phase instantaneous water heaters. CLAGE therefore produces a separate range of instantaneous water heaters which provide an energy-efficient hot water supply in many countries.
One innovation is the CEX  9  ELECTRONIC MPS®, a compact instantaneous water heater  for washbasins, kitchen sinks or even showers. The power input is 8.0 to 9.6 kW 220 to 240  V. The appliance thus has sufficient power to heat about 5 l/min hot water to 35 °C to 55 °C. The cold water is warmer in many countries than it is in Germany, so an unusually low power level by our standards is sufficient for a shower. The new instantaneous water heater can be limited to 6 kW at installation. 
The new appliance is thus versatile and with IES® heating technology it sets new standards in terms of fast, efficient water heating. 
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