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Instant boiling & chilled water from the tap

Hundreds of thousands of people, mainly in Australia and the UK, have enjoyed the unique convenience of ZIP boiling water systems for decades. CLAGE was appointed exclusive distributor for Europe in 2003. In the past two years similar products from other manufacturers have started appearing and are getting the relatively new domestic market moving. But the ZIP HydroTap® has unique features that continue to set standards:
  • Boiling hot water flows out of the tap without splashing or steaming heavily. That makes it easier to fill a container.
  • The special tap design with a safety button ensures safe operation and protects against scalding.
  • The BC100 / 125 model of the ZIP HydroTap® can de­liver both boiling hot water and chilled drinking water from the same tap. 
  • The optional tap font with drain connection enables the tap installed on virtually any work top away from the sink. 
  • The ZIP HydroTap® delivers nothing but boiling water. If the reservoir is drained it takes only 40 seconds for another cup of boiling water to be available again. 
  • The tap can be locked in position to fill a jug conveniently without having to hold the tap down.
  • In Power Save mode (e.g. at night) the system can be programmed via a time controller.
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