Frischwasserstation mit integriertem elektronischen Durchlauferhitzer FWX SOLARTRONIC® © CLAGE
Solar-Kollektor SCM 215 schwarz Dachinstallation © CLAGE

FWX SOLARTRONIC® fresh water station

The solar thermal energy sector is increasingly significant for CLAGE. As well as highly efficient flat collectors CLAGE now also offers complete packages including a storage reservoir, pump assem­bly, controller and the accessories necessary for installation and operation. That way, the customer can be confident that all the components of the solar system match and are compatible with one another.
No Legionella hazard!
Conventional solar tanks store hot water for long periods and that can develop Legionella multi­pli­­cation. To avoid this risk, big tanks have to be regularly heated to over 60 °C, which consumes a lot of energy. However, the FWX fresh water station connected to the storage tank eliminates the need to do this. Instead of storing drinking water it is heated directly as it flows through the heat exchanger of the fresh water station. That protects people's health as well as saving energy.
Convenient: Fresh water station with integral instantaneous water heater 
The new FWX SOLARTRONIC® fresh water station with integral electronic instantaneous water heater  for central booster heating is a special innovation from CLAGE. This system makes hot water even more convenient. If the heat from solar power is insufficient, for instance at night or on overcast days, the instant­aneous water heater switches on automatically to heat up the water to the set temperature. 
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