Environmental guideline

Together with the company’s guidelines and quality policy, the environmental policy is one of the main guidelines of the company. The attempt to protect the environment is for the CLAGE GmbH a commitment to customers, society and future generations. The environmental management of the company is, in consequence, certified in accordance with the high standards of environmental directive EN ISO 14001: 2009 certified.

The company contributes to a sustainable development of the operational environmental provision at the headquarters in Lueneburg by active participation of the management and the employees. Operational processes are looked at in its entirety, analyzed and continuously improved.

In the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials for the manufacturing of the energy-efficient instantaneous hot water heaters and solar collectors CLAGE observes - as far as possible and economically viable - ecological criteria. Therefore suppliers, who pay similar high attention to environmental protection as the company itself, are preferred.  
The CLAGE GmbH complies with the laws, regulations and the licensing requirements and is obliged to improve continuously the company’s environmental protection. Successful environmental protection can be achieved only by the environmental awareness of all employees in all areas. Employees are informed by internal quality audits about the environmentally responsible behavior at the workplace.
As a forward-looking company, the CLAGE GmbH maintains on it’s own responsibility the voluntary partnership, cooperation and dialogue with all participants in environmental protection.