History · 2000 - 2010

 After a successful period of more than 20 years, the upgraded new generation of MH (open outlet) and MDH (closed outlet) series is put on the market.
ZIP HydroTap® MPS © CLAGE CLAGE takes over the sales and distribution of ZIP Hyroboil and is presenting the first instant boiling water heaters for undersink installation. At the touch of the electronic tap the model dispenses instant boiling water as well as chilled water from the same tap.

To complete the electronically controlled instantaneous water heater series DX, CLAGE launches the type DLX 24. The special feature of this appliance is the MutiplePowerSystem MPS®, whereby the professional can set up the connection power upon installation depending on the electric power supply available at site.

Vollelektronisch geregelter Durchlauferhitzer DSX SERVOTRONIC MPS® © CLAGE CLAGE took the opportunity to present its second generation of electronically controlled instantaneous water heaters on the International Trade Fair ISH.

The completely new developed innovative series comprises three different equipped types: DSX, DEX and DBX. The top model DSX SERVOTRONIC MPS® sets new standards as for design, handling comfort and equipment.
 The international design prize "Focus Energy" in silver is awarded to the electronically controlled instantaneous water heater DSX by the Design Center Stuttgart.
 After a construction time of 18 months, the new sophisticated designed building has been finished centralising all sectors of the company under one innovative complex of buildings. Due to this capital investment the number of employees is exceeding 100.
The appliance is also nominated for the official design prize 2008 awarded by the Federal Republic of Germany.
 The mini electronic instantaneous water heater MDX is acknowledged by the Innovation prize for Architecture and Technology in the category building technology. With the prize of innovation the jury acknowledged ‘a product solution that offers the utmost energy efficiency in the smallest room’.

The propotion of the electrically controlled instant hot water heaters has now reached more than 40 %. In order to meet the increased requirements in a flexible way - under the condition of keeping high quality – all electronic circuit boards are now manufatured by CLAGE. For this purpose a new production line – called surface mounting device (SMD) – was installed in Lueneburg.

A new production site for solar collectors is opened in the industrial area Lüneburg port. The newly developed solar collector SCM 215 is distinguished by an innovative lightweight geometry.
Kompakt-Durchlauferhitzer CFX-U FUNKTRONIC MPS® © CLAGE Launch of the new electronic undersink instantaneous water heater that provide with standard remote control an intelligent hot water comfort for kitchen sinks.

The company is awarded the Lüneburg training and innovation prize. There are 10 trainees for technical and commercial professions among the 130 employees at CLAGE.
 The "Lüneburger Mittelstandspreis 2010" awarded to the best enterprise was presented to the Gerdes family proprietors at "Lünale", a gala evening for regional business.

The company and its products, the guest speaker Günther Strube said, are synonymous with “Made in Germany” quality.