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Conserving energy and water
with a decentralised hot water supply

Decentralised, electrically powered warm water systems are energy efficient, because a suitably rated, special warm-water unit is installed at each point of use. 

  1. Electronic instantaneous water heater DSX for the bathroom
  2. Small instantaneous water heater MCX for hand-wash basin 
  3. Under-sink instantaneous water heater CFX-U in the kitchen 
  4. Electronic instantaneous water heater CEX for sink
  5. Electronic instantaneous water heater DEX for the shower
Instantaneous water heaters prove to be a particularly economic solution as they only heat the amount of water that is truly required as it flows through the unit. As a result the user is able to enjoy warm water immediately without waiting, and resolutely avoids standing heat losses in the supply line. Intelligent, electronically controlled instantaneous water heaters ensure the water always has the right temperature, without having to mix hot and cold water. The savings from low running costs in combination with comparatively low investment costs are the reasons why so much convenience remains so cost effective.



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