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Storage heater vs. compact instant water heater

Unlike storage heaters, compact instant water heaters need only small space under the kitchen sink. They also avoid stand-by-energy-consumption which automatically occurs when using storage heaters. 

The comparison was made between the compact electronic instant water heater CBX11-U (flow rate of 5l/min with 45°C) and a storage heater (standby-energy-consumption of 0.25 kWh / d with 65°C) and a necessary mixed-water of 7.5 l/min used in a 3-person-household with parameter as follows: 

Daily use per person: 2 min
Used temperature: 45°C
Days of use: 340 days
Electricity price per kWh: 0.25 €
Costs for water and sullage: 4.30 € per m3

Considered the low water use, you can save up to 90 € per year, depending on the tariff rates, by using a compact instant water heater.