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Storage heater vs. mini instant water heater

Unlike storage heaters which “store” the water, mini instant water heaters are especially efficient because they instantly heat the water as it flows through the unit. 
The mini instant water heater M3 (3.5 kW power with a flow rate of 2l/min) was compared to a 5 l storage heater (standby-energy-consumption 0.25 kWh/d with a flow rate of 5l/min) both installed in a sanitary room of an office building with parameter as follows:
Daily use: 10 times
Time of use: 10 sec. each time
Used temperature: ca. 38°C
Days of use: 230 days
Electricity price per kWh: 0.25 €
If you consider a small water consumption and a conventional storage heater that cause heat radiation with temperate taps you can likely save up to 70 € per year when using a mini instant water heater.