Compact instantaneous water heaters

Thanks to their compact design and high-performance characteristics instantaneous water heaters from the C-series are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Depending on the climatic and technical conditions in the country of use instantaneous water heaters are suitable for supplying hot water to wash basins, kitchen sinks and showers. There are single and three-phase appliances available to meet requirements. No matter which appliance is chosen, instantaneous water heaters always heat the water in an exemplary, energy-efficient manner for user convenience.

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You can count on less

Instantaneous water heaters heat the water directly at the point of use – and only when the water flows. That means in contrast to conventional storage heaters no hot water is stored. That avoids expensive heat losses. As a result instantaneous water heaters are more economic than conventional storage heaters, although they have a three-phase power connection. Electronically controlled instantaneous water heaters are particularly energy efficient, because they automatically adapt the power output to actual requirements. 

The electronic instantaneous water heater CFX-U with a set power output of 11 kW (flow rage: 5 l/min at 45 °C) was compared with a 5-litre storage heater (standby power consumption 0.25 kWh / d at 65 °C) and a requisite mixed-water flow of 7.5 l/min in a three-person household with the following parameters: duration of use per person per day: two minutes: temperature at point of use: 45 °C; number of days in use: 340 days (source: CLAGE).