Kochendwasserautomat ZIP Hydroboil® HBE 6 Display © CLAGE
Kochendwasserautomat ZIP Hydroboil® HBE 6 © CLAGE
Kochendwasserautomat ZIP Hydroboil® HBE 6 © CLAGE

Instant boiling water heater
Zip Hydroboil® HBE 6..

No more waiting for boiling water! A simple touch of the lever and the pot of tea or coffee starts to brew. A real time saving for the office or production tea breaks! To increase energy efficiency the new Zip Hydroboil® heaters are equipped with electronic controls.
  • Instant boiling water heaters provide a constant supply of boiling water
  • Patented high-precision temperature control systems are designed to keep the boiling water within one degree of boiling point
  • Easy to use with unique two-way cool touch tap
  • LC display shows time, day, heater operation and energy saving mode status
  • Configurable energy-saving mode (automatically reduces the temperature to 65 °C when idle for longer periods of time, when darkness falls or timer activated)
  • Patented twin chamber system with thermally insulated stainless-steel tanks prevent cold and hot water being mixed
  • Stainless steel or corrosion-resistant, white enamelled steel case
  • Performance:
    HBE 6-003: 1.4 kW 230 V (3 litres 65 – 100 °C)
    HBE 6-005: 2.2 kW 230 V (5 litres 65 – 100 °C)
    HBE 6-007: 2.2 kW 230 V (7.5 litres 65 – 100 °C)
  • Dimensions (H × W × D):
    HBE 6-003: 43 × 29 × 18 cm
    HBE 6-005: 47 × 32 × 20 cm
    HBE 6-007: 58 × 32 × 20 cm
Kochendwasserautomat ZIP Hydroboil® HBE 6 Display © CLAGE
Kochendwasserautomat ZIP Hydroboil® HBE 6 Display © CLAGE

Energy conservation

Twin-chamber technology
Zip Hydroboil® appliances are equipped with patented twin chamber technology that separates incoming cold water from the boiling water storage chamber. This design feature ensures the user is able to draw boiling water instantly as soon as he or she operates the combination tap. 
Electronic control
The electronic controls significantly increase the energy efficiency of the appliance. It adapts the heating output to the frequency of use and even facilitates timer-controlled lowering of stand-by power, for example sleep-mode during night-time operations.