Instantaneous water heaters for the bathroom and shower

A luxurious bath in a romantic atmosphere or a fantastic hot shower – both can be a thing of real enjoyment. Above all, when an unlimited amount of hot water is available at the desired temperature. Fully electronic instantaneous water heaters combine this level of luxury with energy efficiency. The reason: the units heat the water only when it is actually flowing into the bath or the shower. And because it is heated to the desired temperature within seconds the hot water does not have to travel long distances nor it is necessary to add cold water. All advantages that save valuable energy and precious drinking water. Apropos the environment: CLAGE DSX Touch, DSX and DEX instantaneous water heaters are also compatible with solar thermal systems.
Diagramm Produktvergleich elektronischer Durchlauferhitzer englisch © CLAGE

Save up to 30 % operating costs per annum!

In comparison with a conventional hydraulic instantaneous water heater it is possible to save up to 30 % energy and water costs per annum with the electronic models DSX Touch, DSX and DEX. Replacing the units is worthwhile, because the new model soon pays for itself. 
The electronic instantaneous water heaters DSX Touch, DSX and DEX (flow rate from 8 l/min at exactly 38 °C) was compared with a hydraulic instantaneous water heater, 21 kW with a mixed water flow rate of 11.6 l/min delivering water at 38 °C in a three-person household with the following parameters: Duration of use per day: 4 minutes per person; inlet temperature: 12 °C; number of days in use: 330 days. (source: CLAGE).