Duschanlage M 4..7/BGS Wasserstrahl © CLAGE
Duschanlage M 4..7/BGS © CLAGE

Shower unit M / BGS

Electric mini instantaneous water heater with mixer as an economical means of supplying hot water between approx. 35°C and 45°C to a single shower. The water is heated directly as it flows through the heater, thus eliminating all heat losses and ensuring that hot water is immediately available. The shower is supplied complete with shower set and wall rail. The specially designed handset is perfectly adapted to the economical flow rate of less than 4 l/min.
  • Mini-sized, hydraulically controlled instantaneous water heater with shower mixer (open-outlet design), shower set and wall rail
  • Effective, easy-to-service bare-element heating system
  • Immediate supply of hot water without preheating and without loss of heat
  • Handset with scale-inhibiting insert
  • Use for solitary showers, e.g. in guest rooms, attic or basement rooms, garden houses or beside the swimming pool
  • Performance:
    M 4 / BGS: 4.4 kW 230 V (approx. 2.5 l / min ∆t 25 K)
    M 6 / BGS: 5.7 kW 230 V (approx. 3.3 l / min ∆t 25 K)
    M 7 / BGS: 6.5 kW 400 V (approx. 3.7 l / min ∆t 25 K)
  • Energy efficiency class A (Scale: A+ to F)
The instantaneous water heater for the type M../BGS shower is protected by an IP25 housing and may be installed in protective zone 1 according to VDE 0100 Part 701.