Berührungslose Armatur Lumino © CLAGE

MBX 3 / 7 Lumino

If you wish to enjoy hot water at a hand wash basin and conserve energy at the same time then the MBX Lumino is the best choice you can make. Sophisticated electronics automatically regulate the output power to ensure the desired temperature is not exceeded at the point of use. That means: Turn on the tap and hot water flows at the perfect temperature!
  • Mini-sized, electronically controlled under-sink instantaneous water heater to supply hot water to a wash basin
  • Electronic power control adjusts to compensate for inlet pressure and temperature variations
  • Outlet temperature and flow rate are preset inside the appliance (factory setting approx. 38°C)
  • Bare wire technology IES® achieves maximum efficiency plus the fastest possible heat up time
  • Supplied complete with special tap nozzle with integrated flow regulator for fitting in tap threads M22 /  M24 and a connection set (T-piece and flexible pressure hose 3/8“) for an angle valve
  • Performance:
    MBX 3: 3.5 kW 230 V (approx. 2.0 l / min 38 °C)
    MBX 7: 6.5 kW 400 V (approx. 3.7 l / min 38 °C)
  • Dimensions (H × W × D): 13.5 × 18.6 × 8.7 cm
  • Energy efficiency class A (Scale: A+ to F)
Berührungslose Armatur Lumino © CLAGE
Berührungslose Armatur Lumino © CLAGE

Colourful and highly convenient: Smart instantaneous water heater and a sensor tap

The new under-sink unit MDX Lumino combines convenience with energy efficiency in designer washrooms. As well as regulating the heating element of the instantaneous water heater the water-saving sensor tap indicates the ­temperature of the water by means of a coloured LED ring. 

The temperature is set using a lever on the side of the tap, eliminating the need to add water. The water is heated in the instantaneous water heater to precisely the ideal temperature desired at the point of use. The water flows only when the user’s hands are within the sensing range of the infra-red detector.