Mini instantaneous water heaters

These instantaneous water heaters are the most efficient way to provide hot water at the point of use. The water is not pre-heated, but is heated instantaneously at the wash basin or sink as it flows through the unit. This is a resolute approach to eliminate standing heat losses. 
In comparison with conventional storage water heaters no power is consumed while in stand-by. Additional water savings are also achieved because the flow rate is set at an economical level. A small instantaneous water heater can save up to 85 % energy in comparison to a small storage water heater.
Diagramm Produktvergleich Klein-Durchlauferhitzer englisch © CLAGE

Small instantaneous water heaters – huge savings

Instantaneous water heaters do not consume any stand-by power. They heat the water only when needed and achieve additional water savings as the flow rate is set to an economic level. That adds up to energy savings of up to 85 % in comparison with conventional storage water heaters. In buildings with several washing facilities total savings can be considerable.

An instantaneous water heater MH 3 (3.5 kW power rating delivering 2 l /min) was compared with a 5-litre storage heater (power consumption in standby: 0.25 kWh / d, delivering 5 l/m) in the washroom of an office building with the following parameters: Daily use frequency: 10 times; duration of use: 10 seconds respectively; temperature at point of use: approx. 38 °C; number of days in use: 230 days (source: CLAGE).