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Storage water heater S 10

With its 10-litre storage capacity this water heater is able to fulfil even increased requirements for hot water at the kitchen sink. 
  • Unvented 10-litre storage water heater for hot water supply at one or two points-of-use
  • Corrosion-proof and therefore maintenance-free internal copper tank with high-quality heat insulation
  • High-quality insulation keeps heat losses at a minimum
  • Temperature control approx. 5 °C to 80 °C
  • For vented installation (with open-outlet tap) and unvented installation (with safety assembly)
  • Automatic frost protection
  • Power cable with plug (111 cm) 
  • Performance:
    S 10-U (undersink unit): 2.2 kW 230 V
    S 10-O (oversink unit): 2.2 kW 230 V
  • Dimensions (H × W × D): 45.2 × 30 × 28.5 cm
  • Energy efficiency class A (Scale: A+ to F)