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Storage water heaters

Storage water heaters are the conventional means of providing hot water. They store hot water in a thermally insulated tank as close as possible to the point of use. They deliver a limited amount of mixed water without long delays. When water is drawn off the tank is automatically refilled and heated to the set temperature. 
The size of the tank is chosen according to requirements: Small tanks, e. g. are sufficient for individual points of use (wash basins or sinks). Large wall-mounted tanks are able to supply several points of use throughout the dwelling from a central point.
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Good insulation is a must!

Hot water tanks do not just heat the water when it is drawn off, but keep it at the pre-set temperature all the time. That requires high-quality insulation to keep heat losses as low as possible. 
The energy-saving settings available on the temperature controller also help to restrict the consumption of energy.
As the tanks require some time to heat the water they are operated on a comparatively low connected load.