Hand Dryer

The warm-air hand dryer is fundamentally by far the most economic drying system available to provide a hygienic method of drying hands in highly frequented restrooms. This is because it avoids having to wash and provide towels or having to refill and dispose of paper towels.
Diagramm WHT Händetrockner englisch © CLAGE

Cost comparison

Three different hand drying systems were compared: Warm-air hand dryer, paper dispensing systems (single sheet and roll towels) as well as textile roll towels. Parameters: Basic costs (dark column) = procurement costs for basic device + accessories + installation. Operating costs (light column) = paper or textile rolls or electricity for five years respectively. Drying actions per year: 10.000. Textile roll towel systems have no basic costs as these are included in all-inclusive rental service (source: IPI Institute for Product Research and Information GmbH, Esslingen; Report No.: 5051-07, 2007)