Kleindurchlauferhitzer MCX © CLAGE
E-Kleindurchlauferhitzer MCX SMARTRONIC® Anwendung © CLAGE

MCX SMARTRONIC® mini instantaneous water heater

Introduction at ISH 2011: Following the last new design in 2002 and various new products in other
power ranges, CLAGE now again presents a com­pletely new design of mini instantaneous water heater in the M series, which has enjoyed decades of success. The German market leader is thus resolutely continuing the innovative product development of past years and intends to set new standards.

Following on from SERVOTRONIC®, BASITRONIC® and ELECTRONIC in the other appliance series, the new MCX electronic mini instantaneous water heater now confidently carries the SMARTRONIC® brand in the product name. It`s obvious, the new design face is smart inside out. This compact appliance with the asymmetrical V styling on the front looks elegant and powerful. The eye is drawn to the new fascia, which is slightly tilted towards the user. The maximum delivery temperature can be set via a sensor button on the fascia. A discreet coloured LED indicates whether the selected setting is ECO (35 °C), COMFORT (38 °C) or HOT (42 °C). In fact, a moderate 35°C is sufficient to make hand washing a pleasant experience. 

Water flows at the correct temperature as soon as the tap is turned on. After the few seconds that it takes to wash one's hands the appliance switches off again when the tap is turned off. The energy efficiency of this appliance is convincing, as it really does only heat the water on demand. The result is an impressive energy saving of up to 85 % compared with conventional compact water heaters.

The new appliance has been designed on the basis of the latest findings in flow and control technology. Among other things this has enabled pressure losses and leakage to be further reduced. Further progress benefits ease of installation and maintenance. For example, a removable panel gives access to a water volume adjuster, enabling the appliance to be adjusted optimally to the water pressure prevailing at the installation site. 

The MCX SMARTRONIC® is available in four different power ratings from summer 2011.

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